Apps for Android
The list is by no means meant to be complete. The Apps below have been tested on at least one device, but the users have to check whether these Apps are compatible with their device, and/or browse Google Playfor similar Apps.
  1. Accelerometer Analyzer (Free): Log accelerometer data (CSV file on SD card) - great App!
  2. Wireless IMU (Free): UDP data streaming of sensor data (CSV format) - great App!
  3. Sensorstream IMU+GPS (Free) - Simular to the one above, but includes access to GPS and options to store data on the SD card - great App!
  4. Sensor Data Logger (Free): Log data from selected sensors (text file on SD card)
  5. Sensor Logger: (Free): Log data from selected sensors (CSV file on SD card)
  6. Sound analyzer: (Free) Sound waves scope and FFT analysis (plus other features) visuazlization and CSV logging - great App!
  7. Sound oscilloscope: (Free) Visualization of sound waves and frequancy spectrum - good App!
Basic codes to receive data from Wireless IMU and Sensorstream IMU+GPS
(by TTdF, not a professional SW developer)
  1. Example python code for UDP socket server
    Example in java (by P.Tollenbach grabbed on web)
    Example in C (adapted from a code by P.Krzyzanowski grabbed on web)
  2. Example python code to draw the acceleration vector in real-time
  3. Example python code for history graphs in real-time
  4. matplotlibrc Customization of the graphycal library
Codes to access data using ROOT CERN libraries (and namely the TUDPSocket class) are under development.

iPhones Apps should be browsed on iTunes. A rather complete toolkit for basic experiments data analysis has been developed: iMecaprof

Other Apps for Android
    Noise meter: Acoustic noise meter (not for precision measurement)

Disclaimer: we do not assure that all the Apps listed in here are perfectly functioning onall devices, nor we take responsibility for any consequnces caused to your device, nor for any consequence of misuse or misinterpretation of the collected data.