Alessandro Tomasiello

My research is centered on string theory — a candidate for the ambitious task of unifying all forces and matter, and of quantizing  gravity. In its most popular phase, this theory predicts six additional dimensions beyond the four we have observed so far. Most of my work concerns the "shape" of the tiny space spanned by these dimensions. I am particularly interested in the consequences of supersymmetry, a proposed new elementary symmetry that would explain some of the paradoxes of modern high-energy physics.

  • My most important result is the characterization (with M. Graña, R. Minasian, M. Petrini) of the requirements imposed by supersymmetry on the six-dimensional space in terms of a "generalized complex geometry" that had been previously studied by mathematicians.
  • I have clarified the nature of "massive" IIA string theory, the last corner of string theory without any known non-perturbative completion, by finding gauge theories (with D. Gaiotto) which are dual to some of its supersymmetric vacua.
  • More recently, I have obtained characterizations of which curved spaces can support a supersymmetric field theory (with D. Cassani, K. Hristov, C. Klare, D. Martelli, A. Zaffaroni). For example, I showed that any complex four-dimensional manifold works.
  • Also recently, I found gravity duals to six-dimensional field theories (with F. Apruzzi, M. Fazzi, D. Gaiotto, D. Rosa).
  • I have also worked on several other aspects of string theory, such as the dynamics of D-branes on Calabi-Yau manifolds, non-commutativity, brane instantons.

To learn more:
  • A short, impressionistic talk from '07.
  • Some more advanced lecture notes (originally held at LACES '09, GGI, Florence.)

Selected papers*

6d Conformal Matter
Michele del Zotto, Jonathan Heckman, Alessandro Tomasiello and Cumrun Vafa [1407.6359 [hep-th]]

All AdS7 solutions of type II supergravity
Fabio Apruzzi, Marco Fazzi, Dario Rosa and Alessandro Tomasiello [1309.2949 [hep-th]]

Supersymmetry on Curved Spaces and Holography
Claudius Klare, Alessandro Tomasiello and Alberto Zaffaroni [1205.1062 [hep-th]]

Generalized structures of ten-dimensional supersymmetric solutions
Alessandro Tomasiello [1109.2603 [hep-th]]

Massive type IIA string theory cannot be strongly coupled
Ofer Aharony, Daniel Jafferis, Alessandro Tomasiello and Alberto Zaffaroni [1007.2451 [hep-th]]

The gauge dual of Romans mass
Davide Gaiotto, Alessandro Tomasiello [0901.0969 [hep-th]]

The general (2,2) gauged sigma model with three-form flux
Anton Kapustin, Alessandro Tomasiello [hep-th/0610210]

Complex/symplectic mirrors
Wu-yen Chuang, Shamit Kachru, Alessandro Tomasiello [hep-th/0510042]

Generalized structures of N=1 vacua
Mariana Grana, Ruben Minasian, Michela Petrini, Alessandro Tomasiello [hep-th/0505212]

D-branes on Calabi-Yau manifolds and superpotentials
Michael Douglas, Suresh Govindarajan, T. Jayaraman, Alessandro Tomasiello [hep-th/0203173]

D-branes on Calabi-Yau manifolds and helices
Alessandro Tomasiello [hep-th/0010217]

*My complete publication list is available at the spires website.