According to a recent survey, more than 60% of the students at the High School level or beyond carry a smartphone. All of them have used an App at least once. Smartphones are equipped with sensors suited to perform physics measurements on the laboratory scale. Sensor data can be accessed with several Apps, and data can be copied or streamed in real-time to a personal computer for final analysis. Simple physics experiments, and documentation to perform them are provided in this site.

This site is still under development. An initial set of information was made available at the seminar T.Tabarelli de Fatis, Basic Experiments with Smartphones, 2013, Oct 28th. Slides are available at the following links in pdf and pptx formats (in the pdf file links are broken).

Watch a Video on BnewsTV, the video channel of Milano-Bicocca University, on the accelerometer. Watch another video on sound measurements.

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